Day 6 – Terracotta Warriors

Today we had planned to go to Huashan but the weather forcast was bad so we decided to go to the Terracotta Warriors instead. This is quite a distance from the city itself so we asked the staff at the See Tang Hostel for directions. They told us to catch the #603 bus from the Bell Tower to Xi’an Bei (north) station (hop off at the 7th stop) and then take the tourist bus #306 to the Terracotta Warriors. We went to the Bell Tower thinking it would be obvious where to go but we ended up hopping on the wrong bus (it was the right number!) but it was going in the complete opposite direction! We did not realise we were on the wrong bus til we went past 7 stops and were getting no where near the station! We hopped off the bus, crossed the road and hopped on to another #603 bus going the right way.
Once you get to the Rail Station, cross under the wall to get to bus #306. The bus we went on was grey coloured and costs 7CNY each. There are many other buses and taxis that will try to convince you to go to the Terracotta Warriors with them, but don’t give in. The bus trip was about 1 hour long. When you arrive at the attraction, you will have to walk through a nice park (follow the path) to get to the entrance of the Terracotta Warriors and purchase the ticket which costs 150CNY.

Ticket for Terracotta Warriors 150CNY.

 There are tour guides at the entrance if you need them and want to learn more about the warriors. Although we said no, it would have been nice to have a guide telling us information we didn’t know.
There are 3 pits here. Pit #1 which has all the warriors and horses. I managed to get right up to the barriers at the front but getting back out was hard as everyone is pushing their way to the front. Pit #2 which has the warriors in combat formation. Pit #3 Has the high ranking officers and war chariot. I found the Terracotta Warriors quite interesting but overall quite boring and way too overcrowded.

Pit 1
Pit 3
Pit 2



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