Day 3 – Great Wall of China!

Today we woke up early and got ready for our trip to the Great Wall of China. We had to leave and be outside of our Hostel at 8:30am. The hostel we stayed at had free breakfast every morning next door which was good. We were given toast, bacon, eggs, fruit and juice. We met up with everyone on the tour and walked out to the main road where we caught a shuttle the Jinshanling part of the wall. Highly recommend this part of the wall as it is not crowded at all…apart from our tour group, it was very empty. This ride took about 3 hours from Beijing (120km). Half way we stopped at a petrol station to use the toilet and to buy snacks. We finally arrived at the wall around midday. The sky was blue and the weather was perfect. 10325359_10153592142894492_3338897648165605580_nIt did not feel like we were in China at all. There were two ladies that started talking to us, we first thought that were part of the tour but soon realised they were just locals as they tried to sell us souvenirs. They were very determined as they ended up walking with the group from Jinshanling all the way to Simatai.  The hike along the wall itself was amazing. The views are breathtaking and the weather was perfect.  12065742_10153594610279492_6038397402287347582_n
There are 22 watchtowers you pass over on this part of the wall and there are a few small stalls selling water, snacks and souvenirs but this did not take away the authenticity of the wall. The first half of the wall is very easy to walk along but the second half gets quite rough. This part of the wall is very much still in its original form. Steep, slippery and strenuous. An elderly lady had fainted during the walk, I gave her a couple packets of electrolytes as she needed it more than me and she made it to the end! We caught up with the rest of the tour group at the end and headed back to the bus. The guide was a bit sneaky as he had asked everyone for 10CNY to go through the toll roads as this would get us home quicker (I feel like this should’ve been included in the tour fee). We got back an hour early and rested. Would definitely go back to the Great Wall and would recommend this part of the wall to visit.


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