Day 2 – Wangfujing Shopping Street

Our second day in Beijing. We decided to check out one of the many shopping districts that was accessible from our Hostel. This involved catching the #104 bus from near Downtown Backpacker Hostel to Wangfujing Shopping Street. This street featured several malls with western chain stores as well as Chinese eateries. Also present was a side alley filled with stalls offering souvenirs and deep fried scorpions. This is where we bargained our way down with a magnet. The stall owner originally wanted 45CNY for a magnet and we thought we’d try our luck and so 5CNY but we both settled with 10CNY (that’s a big drop from the original 45CNY!!). We didn’t purchase anything else, just the magnet and headed back to the Hostel.

Deep Fried Squid 23CNY each

Our dinner/snack for the night was a whole deep fried squid. We decided to try this because everyone on the street was eating these so we thought we’d give it a try – 23CNY each – we bought two. The initial bites were tasty but then after a few more bites it was just oily and we couldn’t eat any more.
We were off to the Great Wall of China the following day so decided to stock up on some snacks and drinks. There was a supermarket down the road from the hostel but was not easy to find! Most of the supermarket doors are covered with a fabric and plastic so it’s very easy to miss as there are no signs stating there is a supermarket there (not ones we could read anyway).






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